The East Yuma County Historical Society

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The East Yuma County Historical Society (EYCHS), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was incorporated with the State of Colorado on July 1, 1969.


The EYCHS was formed with the purpose to bring together those people interested in the history of Eastern Yuma County and the surrounding area, they play an important role in the governorship of the Museum. The EYCHS Board of Directors is elected from Museum membership and also serves as the Museum Board. As owners of the Collection which is permanently housed at the Museum, they are responsible for cost of acquisition, care of the Collection, exhibition, and similar materials. They raise funds to cover these costs through tours, special events, endowments, gifts, and memberships.

Become a member

The continued growth and development of the Museum depends upon generous individuals and businesses that support our efforts with their donations and membership.
  Your dues go to support a community-minded organization whose mission is to inspire appreciation and understanding of the vibrant history of Wray and the surrounding area. The stories and historical artifacts of our ancestors are vital to the education of our children today, as they absorb important lessons about the past, present, and future. The Wray Museum helps create and sustain our local identity and plays positive part of the quality of life in our town.

Membership funds

     Membership funds help sponsor Wray Museum special activities and programs. They cover the expense of mailing the newsletters. They are used to help purchase needed items for the preservation of the Collection housed at the Wray Museum and build quality exhibits for the benefit of guests visiting the Museum. They also provide matching monies forgrants.

Membership Benefits

     By becoming a member of the Wray Museum, you are remembering and honoring those who have gone before. A large, strong, supportive membership enables our organization to continue to thrive, and you do yourself a favor as well. After all, individual members receive free admission to the Wray Museum, six newsletters each year with articles on local historic topics of interest, and voting privileges at the annual meeting of the EYCHS. In addition family members receive 50% discount on museum ticketed events, and lifetime individual member names are placed on our Lifetime Membership plaques on display at the Wray Museum.  Business members receive an added benefit of a membership plaque for their place of business and promotional space in the Wray Museum newsletter.

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We appreciate your support and hope you become part of our organization as we strive to achieve our mission.  Please return the membership form with your membership contribution.