The Wray Sanitation Department is responsible for all refuse collection services for both residential and commercial customers, as well as recycling collection and processing / transfer.

trash collection schedule

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Lincoln Street and west.
Dexter Street between 3rd and 7th west to city limits and Hale Street between 7th and 11th west to Lincoln Street.
Hale Street between 7th and 11th east to Blake Street and Dexter between 3rd and 7th east to Main Street.
Main Street between 3rd and 7th east to Grove, Main Street between N.R.R. and 3rd east to Ivy Street and all north of railroad tracks.
Southridge, Canyon Court, and Meadowlark Lane.

Trash Collection Rates

  • Residential customers inside City Limits: $18.50 per month fee includes once per week pickup
  • Commercial starts at $22 per month; total fees depend on volume and frequency of service requested
  • Outside city limits: both residential and commercial collection have additional rates
  • Additional trash pickup upon request carries additional fees

Dumpster Rentals

If you require use of a dumpster, please submit a Dumpster Rental Agreement (PDF) to the Public Works Department.

Recycling Services

Download and view the City of Wray's Recycling Information (PDF).

Spring Cleanup

Download and view the City of Wray's Spring Cleanup Schedule (PDF).

Further Information

City Hall can provide further information on rates and special request services; please call them at 970-332-4431.