Rotating Exhibit Gallery of the Wray Museum

On Display

George Washington said that “Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful, and most noble employment of man” and since the creation of the Colorado Territory in 1861, ranching has been an integral part of Colorado’s agricultural economy and of our local heritage.

Ranching raises livestock to provide meat for human and animal consumption. It also supplies materials, such as leather and wool, for clothing, furniture, and other by-products for many industries. It is a vital part of economies and rural development around the world. Ranch life is more than occupation it is a lifestyle in which tradition and innovation blend as men and women sustain a deeply rooted heritage of raising animals not only preserving, but also conserving their land for generations to come.

This year the Wray Museum’s Rotating Gallery exhibits interpret the contributions made by ranching in Yuma County. You'll see saddles, spurs, hats, chaps, boots and other cowboy necessities. Other exhibits highlight the influence that American West has had on fashion and entertainment.